Palmarès. It is the reason why we asked some people their point of view and how they would imagine their everyday life in 2050. General secondary education (8521), Por favor, inserte su nombre de usuario y contraseña. Thousands of people are contaminated and some of them are already dead. However, others think that the coronavirus could kill all humans if we continue to contaminate each other without taking precautions. Most people think technology won’t because, for example, a virus could be faster than it. The third, tall and with a Greta-Thumberg haircut said : “My quarantine is so boring that I have done the cleaning in my room for the first time in 3 years. In agreement with Eva’s opinion, Amélia said “I believe that human activity will destroy the fauna and flora. To slow it down people should stay locked up at home. Falling air traffic will also reduce pollution. Some believe that the poorest countries should develop more quickly so that drinking water resources, for example, are accessible as quickly as possible. Finally, Lila thinks that the world will not stop getting worse and worse over the years because of human activities that are harmful to the environment such as pollution which can have multiple environmental consequences. Lycée Paul Lapie. Personally, I think that our species will not disappear because we have a very developed medicine and some very good doctors. He said “I think that now Human species will be carefully more cautious with the environment”. Protective masks are out of stock and resuscitation beds are missing. Some French students think the coronavirus is not strong enough to eradicate humans from the surface of the earth. Por favor, refine su búsqueda por (Localización + ¿Qué, quién? Lea did not really know what will happen when man disappears, either nature would regain its rights but hundreds of years later than what Mona predicted or that what men had done to the planet would not allow them to survive. we must not take this situation lightly and remain cautious. since the stores are all shut down and that the companies therefore face difficulties. Agricultura y alimentación; Industría química, farmacéutica y plásticos; Construcción; Energía, medio ambiente; Educación, formación y organizaciones How will our everyday life look like thirty years from now? Technology will make our life easier (thanks to robots), funnier (with flying cars), but it won’t help our planet save itself from pollution. And for them, I had a question: “How is your quarantine going?”. Furthermore, they feel that the President is not clear enough in his addresses and that he should take more precautions against this dangerous virus. Finally, to stop global warming, people think that we should change our lifestyle, recycle more and develop mutual help. They also told me that it was strange for them not to be able to go out normally without having to ask questions and to go to public places like stores, cinemas etc. ». Mounir said: « I think it will be a natural catastrophe because a meteorite could fall on the earth ». Opinions are diverse but it is a question of survival for everyone. This is a real problem for the economy. If we respect all the security measures, there will be fewer infected people day by day. Lisa thought that in the end, nature would not regain its rights because with ubiquitous human activity, even a cataclysm of a phenomenal scale could perhaps slow down the spread of pollution which kill the planet, but not end it. In this era of the Corona Virus epidemic, I asked some students about the future, because they are the future. Those who do individual sports such as running have the opportunity to continue training but unfortunately for those who do team sports they will have to wait until the end of the period of confinement. And forcing them to pass a test just in case they got infected too. Surprisingly and contrary to the initial opinions, school seems to be missed by students because their way of life is much less dynamic and the fact of not seeing their classmates and friends is felt as a loss. [1], Coordinates: 48°54′02″N 2°15′23″E / 48.9005°N 2.2564°E / 48.9005; 2.2564,ée_Paul_Lapie&oldid=934620441, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 7 January 2020, at 15:08. Most of them think it will get bigger and stronger day after day. But others think that it is already too late for the Earth and its inhabitants, they say that global warming is too advanced, that it will destroy the planet because anyway there is still too much pollution coming from all over the world such as the fashion industry or nuclear plants, that we cannot go back and that even if it is surely in a long time, the human race may disappear or in any case live in very difficult conditions. * Este número, que estará disponible sólo durante 3 minutos, es un número de teléfono que le pondrá en contacto con la empresa de interés. Nowadays, lots of questions are asked about the coronavirus pandemic, our future and our planet’s future. But there are also downsides like we keep killing animals and nature for our pleasure and it’s really dangerous for our planet. Les points forts du Lycée Lapie - Courbevoie. However, other people find only one positive point for the Planet, it is bound to reduce air pollution even if it is not for a long time. Some would go hunting animals in the forest or resort to cannibalism. Some people think so and that it is completely stupid to go and store up toilet paper. They were generally in agreement and of the same opinion on the question, the main constraints for them being to no longer see their friends and their family anymore, but also to no longer be able to practice their passions as before. Even if it takes some time, it will prevail. What would you do if you learnt that you are infected, What if some random day, you figured out that you have the virus, it must kill you but also people close to you…. Equipos de telecomunicaciones, Equipos ópticos, fotográficos y cinematográficos, Grandes almacenes, secciones y tiendas al por menor, Instalaciones y equipos para la fabricación de papel y cartón, Equipos de impresión. Kompass, * Este número, que estará disponible sólo durante 3 minutos, es un número de teléfono que le pondrá en contacto con la empresa de interés. So, humans can have bad repercussion but also good consequences.”, “The impact of humans on the world is mostly negative because we do more harm to the planet than good because of several factors like global warming and also pollution that causes the decline of biodiversity and full of environmental imbalance. First of all, if there were not enough doctors in this period it would create a medical crisis and if it goes from bad to worse, infected people wouldn’t have access to the best treatment and doctors would have to make a choice between those they will save and those they won’t. However, it’s a main advantage to limit the risk of out-of-control complications by communicating. Lycée Paul Lapie is a French senior high school/sixth-form college in Courbevoie, Hauts-de-Seine, France, in the Paris metropolitan area.. If the virus kills many people and researchers can’t find a vaccine, future generations will adapt to the viruses and eventually resist them. On the other hand, others find that it will have no consequences if people abide by the measures taken by the government. What repercussions will the current pandemic have? I asked four people to give me an answer. The school building, designed by Florent Nanquette, opened in the fall of 1933. The last one said that the Human species will not disappear because even if a lot of people die, the virus can’t kill more than 7 billion people. Taux de réussite au Bac du Lycée Paul Lapie 86% des étudiants inscrits. Have humans already left a permanent mark on the planet? I asked them whether they think the Human species can disappear because of that virus. “What do you think would be the scenario of human extinction?”. If there was/were no more food supply in supermarkets most people would grow fruit and vegetables on their balcony or in their garden. Finally, this would produce a health crisis and people would die from lack of care due to a lack of medical supplies. Some people think that a pandemic virus could lead to shortages all around the world. Some also think that it will bother students and especially those who have a year-end exam like the bac because schools are close. The school's design plans had been made in 1930. They will deal first with people with the longest life expectancy and leave out the elderly. They will stay far from anyone, taking distances from their friends and family. What steps should be taken to stem the pandemic? Here is today’s CoronaNews in Courbevoie, I took to the street to meet – more than one meter away – people going to work. Today, the planet is plunged into an epidemic period with the coronavirus. It’s day 4 in Courbevoie City. As for the shortage of medical equipment, this would create a mess or the state would be forced to make choices such as promoting medical assistance to the younger person. 78000 Versailles. Interpaul, le magazine interlope de Paul Lapie. Some people think the government will change its course with preventive measures for another epidemic, they think this crisis will have taught a lesson and that the government will be forced to change its financial plans. Others believe that everyone should pay attention to everything they do in order to take cleaner measures more effectively than they do today. Will technology be able to save us from trouble? The third question is « do you thing humans will be able to mutate », for this question there was no debate everyone replied that it was ridiculous, we only see it in movies. What will be the major consequences of coronavirus? “human impact is at the same time positive and negative. So, if technology can’t save us totally, it will help a lot and find a sustainable solution. The school building, designed by Florent Nanquette, opened in the fall of 1933.The school's design plans had been made in 1930. Humans would get into a war to get the last scraps of food but, when there will be  is no more food left, there will be no more human left either. First, they think that covid-19 will have economic consequences. Some people find that the decisions made are already very effective and that letting some citizens go out to play sports, run errands or even walk their dog is a good thing because we have to give people some freedom and restrictions should not be excessive. Members of my group believe that the epidemic will slow down when the population obeys and stops going out. She thinks that “Our planet will probably be barren and dry if humans don’t realize how fragile/ vulnerable it is”. Aller au contenu. if humans disappear, what do you think will happen? And because of this lack of food, people would kill each other to survive. Some people think the pandemic will have consequences because this is one of the most important health crises in recent years. The first woman with short and brown short hair said: “I am still working so, I have no time for you, but I miss the sun, and going out with my friends”. In their opinion, everyday life in 2050 will look exactly like today during the quarantine: main resources like water and food will be limited and we won’t be able to go out because of global warming, it will be too hot. The girls thought that humans are the cause of all the problems on our planet and that they will be at the origin of their extinction. 0:24. So, we need to be careful and change our bad habits. Do you think the decisions taken to stop Covid-19 have proved effective? But I think that human activity is going to cause the loss of humanity because that is already what it is doing and we can see the consequences with global warming. 3, boulevard de Lesseps LE PIRATE LE PLUS TERRIFIANT (Barbe Noire) - Duration: 10:25. Los datos que recolectamos son aquellos solamente necesarios para el uso apropiado de nuestros servicios. The last person thinks that another species like monkeys could take over the Earth. Consultez notre liste des 65 formations de type BTS référencées à Courbevoie. How long do you think the epidemic will last? What will be the consequences of the coronavirus on investments in hospitals? The consequences are natural catastrophes like cyclones, rising sea level, droughts or perturbation of water. This is not the first health crisis that the world must face such as Ebola for example in 2013. Here is today’s CoronaNews in Courbevoie, I took to the street to meet – more than one meter away – people going to work. But if everybody tries to limited Co2 emissions, it can be better but it will take a lot of time to see a positive change, Marianne thinks that it actually depends on people but that the world will get even worse in the next few years because we keep damaging the environment. Now, the question is to know whether the coronavirus crisis will change future government actions on hospital funding. But nobody knows when the epidemic is going to stop, it may last for weeks or for months. All things considered the two options are possible. », « I think humans have a big impact on the world because of the pollution or the global warming. In China, for example, they have cured most of the sick people so we can do the same. We must all stay confined and go out as little as possible to do our shopping, or to get some fresh air. Raluca thinks that things will take a turn to the worse and the virus will trigger an economic crisis. This is an interesting question that we have asked several students. Baccalauréat 2021. Gas produced by big factories, or fossil energy usage is provoking CO2 emission by human and create the greenhouse effect so global warming. Page 2/7 - L’annuaire de toutes les formations de type BTS à Courbevoie (Hauts-de-Seine ). Dirigentes LYCEE GENERAL TECHNOLOGIQUE PAUL LAPIE, Maquinaria y equipos para agricultura y silvicultura, Equipos y maquinaria para la industria del catering, comida, bebida y tabaco, Instalaciones y equipos para la industria química, Instalaciones y equipos para la industria del caucho y el plástico, Estructuras metálicas para la industria de la construcción, Calefacción, ventilación, aire acondicionado (HVAC) y equipos de refrigeración, Tuberías de metal, válvulas y contenedores, Fabricantes de herramientas, ferretería y cuchillería, Madera, productos de madera, maquinaria y equipos para la industria de la madera, Maquinaria y equipos de construcción para la ingeniería civil, Servicios ambientales, energías renovables, Instalaciones y equipos para la industria del gas y el petróleo, Organizaciones internacionales, administraciones y asociaciones, Servicios técnicos y de ingeniería, arquitectos, Comunicaciones, telecomunicaciones, radio y televisión, Equipos eléctricos. Classement LYCEE PAUL LAPIE COURBEVOIE académie VERSAILLES: Découvrez quel est le classement de ce lycée, ainsi que le classement des meilleurs lycées de France avec le Figaro Etudiant Another person said that all the buildings and infrastructures will collapse and crash into each other and nature will take its rights due. Either because of a natural phenomenon like a gigantic eruption, the fall of a meteorite or because of a technological problem like a huge explosion. We should reduce the use of polluting cars and non-renewable energy, encourage environment-friendly transports, limit the use of internet. My group was made up of Lisa, Mona, Léa, Jules and myself of course. Then mankind will disappear…”. Another one said that he thinks that a vaccine will be found. After collecting the testimonies of my classmates, I noticed a difference. Their responses were diverse, which allowed me to make a good synthesis. Some people think that there is no paranoia because it is a pandemic, this is not to be taken lightly, so you have to listen to everything we are told: protect yourself and stay at home, and it’s a deadly virus, moreover, it’s normal to try to avoid it spreading. I think we must all respect the containment measures to stop the spread of the virus and return to normal life. Kompass. Some people spoke about technology. Le Parisien 2020. Others claim that think there is a lot of paranoia, and a lot of pressure from the government, but if we don’t do all this, people will not pay attention and we will all catch it, people should all stay at home then, that’s it, so it will end as quickly as possible, and people are scared but still do stupid things. Adopt barrier gesture, little things can save a life. Other thoughts that it will be this summer with the arrival of heat. To follow up on the problems of our planet, Mounir evoked “The CO2 emission is going to increase.” It’s true that the problem of CO2 emission has many consequences such as global warming. So, all humans would die either from the virus or from killings. After she said : “and I want to hang out’’. Next, we should decrease the use of a lot of polluting materials and technology. Practically every country is contaminated and some of them put their population in quarantine. Now we live under total lockdown we can’t go outside except for basic needs (food and health). The good side is that without human, pets wouldn’t have anywhere to live, farm animals would be eaten by predators instead of humans. First of all, we got Eva’s opinion. Now, I’m constantly facetiming with my 2 best friends and still hoping that you know who is going to write me a « hello bitch » “. Obviously, we have to respect the president’s decision about staying in quarantine because otherwise if people continue to go out, there will be more and more infected people and so the virus will take much longer to be stopped. Most students believe that this will lead to a change in the climate and the environment in general. Almost everyone we interviewed said they would go to the hospital and then isolate themselves from others at their home. El servicio es editado por  However, some people think that human extinction will be due to a disaster. We have to be wary so that the contagion stops as soon as possible. People take advantage of it to go out because we have the right to go out to play sports and do shopping and therefore spreads the coronavirus. because of the decreasing production and lead to a revolution, which will “lead proletarians to free themselves from their chains” according to Louis. Another added that the world will be a healthier place. And we do not yet know what man will invent in the years to come, nor the consequences of these inventions. DSI du Rectorat de Versailles Those steps are really difficult for people to take but it would make a big difference. Some companies will go bankrupt. 5 BD ARISTIDE BRIAND People that I interviewed, told me that it would raise panic and protest. Finally, all agreed that some countries such as France and Spain were not ready to face a pandemic of this magnitude, and that, as a result, health equipment such as protective masks or hydroalcoholic gels is lacking. COURBEVOIE. My opinion on this is that humans cause more harm than good because of the pollution and global warming and other things that gradually ruin the earth and there will be a moment where we will no longer be able to live. Finally, the virus will have and has already had environmental consequences such as a drop in the concentration of nitrogen dioxide. Actividad, compañía ...), Haga clic en alguno de los iconos para compartir la empresa, KOMPASS, They also told me it would create an apocalypse and that governments being overwhelmed could not do anything. I think it can change but it will take a lot of time but we can all reduce our CO2 impact and try to eat a little less of meat. The second question is « do you think there is paranoia behind the corona virus ». Those who do individual sports such as running have the chance to continue training but unfortunately for those who do team sports this will have to wait until the end of this period of lockdown. They were generally in agreement and of the same opinion on the question, the main constraints for them was to no longer see their friends and their family anymore, but also to no longer be able to enjoy their passions as before. These people think that we should be in total containment without allowing anyone out and by imposing heavy fines on people who trespass in order to prevent the virus from spreading. Directorio de empresas y Soluciones Globales de InformaciónHerramientas y Soluciones de negocio diseñadas para un mercado Global, Industría química, farmacéutica y plásticos, Textil, confección, cuero, relojería, joyería. Anissa thinks that if we keep living this way we will have bigger problems in the future with global warming and its impact on the world with dirtier air or a higher death rate or more acidic oceans which is not good for the weather is getting hotter and drier so she thinks that the world will get worse in the future. We came to the conclusion that the human species can’t become extinct with this crisis but if a lot of other crises like this one happen, our species could be in danger. Al continuar utilizando nuestros servicios a partir del 25 de mayo de 2018, usted reconoce y acepta nuestra Política de privacidad y Política de cookies actualizadas. Most people think that there will be very serious economic consequences linked to closing of shops, restaurants, bars and in general all commercial activities combined and of course tourism completely stopped. This would create a situation in which everyone can count only on themselves and no one else. By the way, those we interviewed also spoke about the environment and climate change. Moreover, it had been a long time since French people’s movements had been restricted. What actions should be taken today to avoid a new epidemic in the future? Top 10 FUNNIEST Auditions Britain's Got Talent 2016 (Try NOT TO LAUGH!) Others think that if we stop now to use the planet to pollute as much, the earth will regenerate itself over time. The threat of a new epidemic in the future is very present and we see today that we lack efficient measures and panic reigns over the whole world. Currently the world is going through a terrible health crisis. Some people think that by the end of this month it will be over if all the confinement rules are followed. But others believe technology could always overcome everything thanks to its adaptive power. Hospital staff start to get upset while the government have pledged rapid supplies. Finally, on the contrary Côme had a rather positive opinion on the subject. Another not negligible consequence is that companies will have to pay a part of the wages to all the parents who had to take care of their children and who can’t work by telecommuting. En estos momentos se encuentran todas las líneas ocupadas, por favor inténtelo un poco más tarde., NAF Rev.2 (FR 2008) : But if we continue it’s going to be really difficult to live on earth. France has been in the midst of this crisis for several days and patients are pouring in. Indeed, they think that a big economic crisis should affect the whole world In fact, three out of four people are very pessimistic about the future of our planet. It’s a really good answer and I haven’t thought about it. My question was: “how do you imagine the future of our planet?”. Another opinion is that climatic change will at first kill the different species on Earth until humans have nothing to eat. On the other hand, some people find the decisions are not strict enough and not effective enough and that because of this we will not be able to stop the Covid-19. Regarding the current circumstances, I asked a question to the people in my group. Jules, for his part, partly shared Lisa’s opinion, with the fact that if men ever become extinct, it would take nuclear reactors for example years to stop and would probably cause cataclysmic repercussions. What would be the consequences if there was a shortage of food and medical supplies? Of course we can image another catastrophe like a biological crisis on account of frosty air or volcanic eruption. Most people said that hospitals will have to choose which people to treat. Three of them, including Nathanaëlle, answered: « I think both, because both of them are actually destroying our planet », Eva: « I think both will make the humans disappear… » and Côme said that human activity and natural factors are going to be the cause of our disappearance. The hospitals are full and the first hardware problems appear. What habits do you miss the most during this period and what you find difficult to adapt to? Actualités du Lycée; Enseignement. What’s the impact of humans on the world ? Mona told me that nature will eventually reclaim its rights, because the disappearance of non-renewable natural resources will be the end of industries such as petrochemicals and all large companies. 92400 COURBEVOIE, * 1,21€/min IVA incluido desde un teléfono fijo y 1,57€/min IVA incluido desde teléfono móvil. What should we do to slow down Global Warming? Finally, for Andrea, the world economy will fall because of the closing borders and she thinks that people won’t trust each other anymore out of fear of the virus and they’ll continue to stay confined.